A history of building & launching successful mobile & web products.

We are a team of professionals, engineers, designers, operators and entrepreneurs. We’ve built successful companies. We’ve architected digital products that have went on to sell millions of dollars in revenue. We’ve built and scaled products that acquired hundreds of thousands of users. We’ve built products that are used by Fortune 500 brands and we’ve consulted professionally with some of the biggest companies in the world.

Leadership Team

Rob Volk

Founder & CEO

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Minh Quan Phan Huy

VP of Engineering

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Core Engineering and Product Team

Tiffany Chang

Senior Product Manager

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Matt Chen

Agile Coach & Project Manager

Certified ScrumMaster

Sachin Modak

Senior Product Manager

Amelia Leigner

Product Manager

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Kelsey Pierson

Project Manager

Certified ScrumMaster

Spencer Cameron

Business Development

Rebecca Le

Operations Manager

Certified ScrumMaster

Luciana Noriega Paoloni

Operations Coordinator

Karina López Encarnación

Financial Analyst

Veronika Goldberg

UX Lead

Allyson Wakeman


Marcio Cruz

Software Engineer

React, Python

Carlos Ubri

Software Engineer

React Native, DevOps, Java

Fernando Schuindt

Software Engineer

Elixir, Ruby, DevOps, Kubernetes

Diego Doumecq

Software Engineer

React Native, React

Marius Bologa

Software Engineer

React Native, Java

Franco Herrero

Software Engineer

React Native

Federico Erbes

Software Engineer

React Native

Nicolas Longhi

Software Engineer

React Native

Alexis Alvarez

QA Automation Engineer

Anthony Rozon

QA Automation Engineer

Bruno Santos

Software Engineer

Elixir, Ruby

Mariano Argañaras

Software Engineer


Marco Maza

Software Engineer


Lucas Ansalone

Software Engineer

PHP, Drupal

Yuri Pereira Constante

Software Engineer

Java, React

Where we are

  • Chicago (HQ)

    1720 W Division St, Chicago, IL

  • Denver
  • Brazil
  • Argentina

Our Product Philosophy

Build products that solve for ‘X’

It doesn’t matter how beautiful the product looks or all the fancy things it does. If you build something nobody wants, you don’t have a business. That’s why we always solve for X, whether that’s revenue, user acquisition or even branding.

Focus on traction, always

That’s why we relentlessly prioritize product features that focus on user acquisition and product traction.

Agile is the answer

We run our projects strictly on Agile principles. This allows us to move fast, learn and scale.

Cross platform development works

We exclusively use React Native + Elixir for our development projects. We build great products in half the time. It works.

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