React Native Consulting

Foxbox Digital helps technical leaders and teams confidently build their first React Native app with their existing development team.

  • React Native Experts We live and breathe React Native. We’ll empower your team to improve the overall dependability, performance, and usability of your React Native mobile app. Our React Native consulting services start and end with our experts.
  • React Native DevOps Streamline your development process to achieve a fully automated CI, build and distribution process. Reduce errors, improve stability, and make your engineering team more productive.
  • React Native Strategy We’ve been part of Fortune 100 companies and startups app implementations using React Native. Our React Native consulting team will work with you to define a strategy to build your app using a proven agile, iterative approach. If it can work for them, it can work for you.
  • Application Architecture and Component Design We’ll help you make good early architectural decisions to avoid fixing bad decisions after the app is already built. React Native has a strong list of built-in components in their library that we utilize. React Native is all about components and it’s critical to know how to break your app into small components. Done wrong and your codebase becomes unmanageable. Done right and your developers build, extend, and refactor their code with ease.

React Native powers Instagram, Walmart, UberEats, and Facebook to name a few. We believe that React Native is the future of app development, and our React Native consulting team continues to invest heavily into React Native development and client outcomes.

If you’re considering React Native or have already chosen React Native for your next project, please reach out to us to schedule a call with our executives and React Native consulting team.

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