React Native Mobile App Development

What does Instagram, Walmart, UberEats, and Facebook all have in common? They all use React Native to develop and deploy many of their applications. React Native Development is the gold standard in cross-platform development and Foxbox Digital, a full-service React Native development agency has always been a trusted leader in React Native development for the following reasons:

  • Polished - We create seamless user experiences for our React Native apps through our customer development and identity exploration process.
  • Extraordinary - We are React Native experts and we build high-quality, fast, responsive apps with our agile development process.
  • Your Trusted Partner - We’ll monitor, maintain, and support your app for the life of the app.

Home Chef, acquired by Kroger, is built with React Native with our assistance. Learn more about how we helped Home Chef build iOS and Android apps using React Native.

You don’t just get React Native developers. You get the power of a full product development team and best in class Agile process.

  • Product Delivery Team - We operate similar to a full-time in house team and as a true partnership, not just a product developer. We do what’s best for you and not just on the features we can build with our cost.
  • Project Planning - Through a collaborative agile planning process, we will prioritize issues that have the biggest impact towards achieving your goals. We know that product features and priorities change as we build a product, and we embrace that change through iterative, and client involved, sprint planning sessions every two weeks.
  • Development and Design - Your delivery team will build your React Native app at your direction, including wireframes, UX designs, a fully designed prototype, and a development project plan.

We support your apps & more.

As your technical partner, we offer fully managed support included in every product development package.

  • Application Monitoring - Actively monitor the application to ensure users have a consistent, fast experience with minimal downtime. Foxbox will respond if there are any issues to restore an application to a normal state.
  • Application Maintenance - Upgrade and maintain all applications and their dependencies to keep them stable and secure, including iOS and Android OS upgrades.

We take care of all the technology needed for React Native.

Here are our preferences when building React Native applications that we support out of the gate. Of course, we’re always open to exploring new technologies.

  • Mobile apps - React Native and Expo, built for iOS and Android. React Native was developed by Facebook and allows cross-platform app development.
  • Web apps & API - Elixir + Phoenix, a fast, scalable language and web framework backed by the same technology that powers Whatsapp.
  • Databases - PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch
  • Hosting & Monitoring - Application hosting: Kubernetes + Docker, Error logging: Sentry, Performance monitoring: AppSignal. Requires separate hosting agreement.
  • Supporting Services - User analytics: Amplitude, SMS delivery: Twilio, Email delivery: Postman, Payment processing: Stripe, DNS: Cloudflare. Requires separate hosting agreement.

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