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What does Instagram, Walmart, UberEats, and Facebook all have in common? They all use React Native to develop and deploy many of their applications. React Native Development is the gold standard in cross-platform development and Foxbox Digital, a full-service React Native development agency has always been a trusted leader in React Native development for the following reasons.



Scalable, cross-platform mobile apps in half the time.

  • Single mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Cost and time-efficient
  • Qualified React Native experts

Intuitive UI/UX

Human-centric designers that create remarkably intuitive user experiences.

  • Accelerate adoption
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Create sustainable growth


Build fast, scalable apps on a modern platform.

  • Modernize your existing mobile apps
  • Add new features efficiently
  • Increase integrations
  • Provide better support


Improve how you deliver products, and accelerate the pace at which you improve them.

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Decrease development costs
  • Enhance performance

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A Glimpse Into Our React Native Talent

Franco Herrero

React Native Developer

Franco has been working with React Native since it was first available on Github in 2015. If you’ve ever wanted to learn about what’s happening in the world of the latest technologies, Franco is the go-to person. He is a fantastic communicator, and methodical with how he builds and tests software.

Minh Quan Phan Huy

Mobile Architect

For over 20 years, Minh has been successfully architecting, building, and leading teams for mobile products used by millions of people around the world. If you’re looking for someone who has a strong enterprise technical background that can solve any type of problem, you’ll have a good time getting to know Minh.

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AI Telehealth Mobile App

When a Fortune 50 healthcare company came to us looking for an intuitive solution for telehealth, we utilized our proven expertise in data to launch a sophisticated AI product using React Native.


Meal Kit Mobile App

We partnered with Home Chef, the third largest meal kit company in the U.S., to rebuild their mobile app with React Native and help them achieve their ambitious goals of increasing app store ratings, meal kit conversions, and user engagement rates.


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