Agile Workshops for the Enterprise

We work with Fortune 100 companies and large organizations to transform how Agile is being used to deliver impactful digital products quicker within their organization. One of the ways we do this is by offering Agile Workshops. We recommend these workshops for clients who want to train new members on how to do Agile properly, or who want to get an outside opinion of how well they’re doing and what they can improve upon.

We help our clients achieve organizational agility to help them react at a moment’s notice by aligning the organization’s development practices with their goals. If you’re an organization that needs more than an agile workshop training and need us to lead an Agile transformation, we do that too. Check out our Agile coaching and transformation services page.

Let’s dive into what makes a great Agile Workshop. Also, this can give you some good Agile workshop ideas if you’re planning your own Agile workshop training or running your own Agile workshop.

Workshop types


Generally, there are 2 kinds of Agile workshops we offer:

The Learning workshops will be deep dives into the philosophy, theory, and practice of an Agile framework (such as Scrum or Kanban).

Guidance workshops will be focused on doing a deep retrospective and evaluation of the client’s current processes. That is followed by providing guidance and course correction on red flags, and collaborating with the client on process improvements. Lastly, we can conduct check-ins to see how the client is doing post-workshop.

In both cases, we will be working with the clients and customizing the workshop training to fit their specific needs. All Agile workshops are done in-person and are most effective when the entire team is physically present.

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Agile workshop breakdown

Basics of Scrum
Scrum Deep Dive
Agile Transformation

Workshops are 1 to 3 full day activities led by a certified Agile coach, and as mentioned previously, are customized to the client's needs. Here’s a high-level example of an agile workshop agenda and what we offer during these sessions.

  • Basics of Scrum, and Agile Philosophy (Guidance) We’ll start with principles of Agile and the Agile methodology, and more specifically Scrum. We will cover the basics so everyone starts on the same page and understands where we’re coming from and where we’re going. You’ll learn the basic Scrum framework: team member roles, sprints, backlog refinement, prioritization, sprint planning and user story selection, the definition of “done,” handling blockers, retrospectives, and engaging business team members. What’s the value of adopting an Agile mindset? What are the core pieces of the Scrum framework?
  • Retrospective (Guidance) We’ll go over a rundown of the Scrum framework currently being used within your organization and do a retrospective on how it’s been working for you and what pain points you’ve been experiencing.
  • Scrum Deep Dive (Advanced Learning) We’ll cover the basics of Scrum so everyone starts on the same page, and then do a deep dive into the structure of the Scrum framework: team member roles, sprints, backlog refinement, prioritization, sprint planning and user story selection, definition of “done,” handling blockers, retrospectives, and engaging business team members. Why is Scrum a framework instead of a methodology? What is the rationale behind why Scrum operates the way it does? We’ll dive into Scrum’s philosophy and how it can be applied in your organization’s environment.
  • Agile Transformation and Change Management (Advanced Learning — For organizations already doing Agile) Agile transformations are by no means easy, and while lots of organizations have started the transformation, not all of them succeed for varying reasons. We’ll do a deep dive into your organization's progress in its Agile transformation, as well as discuss common pain points and solutions, how to handle significant change in a short amount of time, and what to do if you find that your implementation of Agile is not providing any returns.

Why Agile workshops?

There are three reasons why a company would invest in bringing a certified Agile coach to lead them through a one- or two-day Agile workshop:

  • Confidence that your team is practicing Agile in a way that best fits your needs and accomplishes your goals. And to empower your team to create, customize, and refine their own implementation of Agile.
  • Confidence that your team is continuously making improvements in how they work, collaborate, and deliver.
  • Gain the value of embracing Agile: quick release cycles, fast feedback, lower risk, and having a plan that is flexible and accounts for (and embraces) change.
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We can help

Our Agile coaches have been lucky to work with some amazing brands such as Walgreens in helping them use Agile to transform their organizations. If you’re brand new to Agile or need help optimizing how you use Agile within your organization, please reach out to us directly.

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