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Companies who embrace Agile are more likely to deliver software projects faster, predictably, and with less risk. At Foxbox Digital, not only do we embrace Agile, but we offer Agile transformation and coaching services to our clients.

Since every organization’s needs are different, we will work with each client to develop a custom tailored plan for transformation and implementation of new processes. Our goal is to help our clients transform how they execute their specific Agile methodology and gain self-sufficiency in maintaining and improving their new Agile processes.

Why Agile?

There are six strong reasons why any company should move to Agile:

  1. Deliver Software projects faster, more predictably, and with less risk.
  2. Empower every role on your team to deliver better software.
  3. Predictable and quick release cycles; increased stability; lower risk; fast feedback; and having a plan that is flexible and accounts for, and embraces, change.
  4. Report progress more accurately and show value to company leadership.
  5. Confidently deliver and release fully tested and integrated functionality thought the lifetime of a project.
  6. Confidence that your team is continuously making improvements in how they work, collaborate, and deliver.

Who needs Agile transformation & coaching?

Any organization that is embarking on a digital transformation should seriously consider Agile transformation and coaching. Organizational agility is one of the key success factors of a company-wide digital transformation.

Many companies and organizations have successfully transformed their businesses using Agile, and have achieved significant gains in performance. Some organizations and examples of their achievements from adopting Agile include:

  • Capital One
    • Major releases 3X more often
    • Raised employee engagement, morale, and retention by 15-20%
  • Royal Philips
    • Average release cycle time down from 18 months to 6 months
    • Feature cycle time reduced from >240 to <100 days
    • Sprint and PI deliveries on time, leading to “release on demand”
  • Cisco
    • 40% decrease in critical and major defects
    • 25% fewer quality assurance defects
    • Sprints that ran more efficiently each subsequent time
    • Improved employee satisfaction by eliminating the need for after-hours work and reducing meetings/calls

You can find these case studies and more, here:

Core components of an Agile transformation

Each Agile transformation engagement will be customized to client needs, however, a majority of them follow a core structure:

  1. Discovery and Strategy
  2. Re-organization and Staffing
  3. Training and New Process Integration
  4. Continued Process Integration and Mentoring
  5. The Road to Self Sufficiency and Future Work

Discovery and strategy


Due Diligence and Evaluation

The engagement will start with our Agile Coaching Team evaluating the current processes, and then providing a strategy for how to best accomplish the goals set out by the client’s leadership.

The Agile Coaching Team will embed themselves within the client’s team and gather information on the current development process, lines of communication, and team roles.


The goal is to formulate a comprehensive plan for what Agile methodology to pursue in the transformation. We aim to minimize the amount of disruption to the team’s timelines and maximize how quickly the team can gain traction and deliver value.


  • A holistic view of where your organization can truly benefit from Agile and what opportunities exist once your Agile methodology is implemented.
  • A realistic input on what effort is needed from your team to adopt Agile within your organization.

Reorganization and staffing

We work with the client to reorganize the team into the proposed configuration and make any necessary staffing changes.

While we will not know what changes will be necessary until after the evaluation, we anticipate needing to work with some members of the existing team on transitioning into new roles within the reorganized team, as well as hiring for new roles, such as scrum master or product owner.

Transitioning and hiring may continue through the other steps.


  • An ideal staffing configuration suited for your organization and Agile methodology.

Training and new process integration

Our agile coaching team will provide comprehensive training for all team leaders and team members in the group that will be undergoing the Agile transformation. We will also work with your technical leadership to implement Agile into their existing development process.

This may include plans for leveraging Continuous Delivery/Devops practices, Pair Programming practices, and other methods. We are aiming to improve application stability, achieve stress-free deployments, and speed up the deployment cycle.


Workshops are powerful ways to quickly train your staff on the basics of Agile and advanced Agile execution techniques. You can find more about Agile Workshops here.

Continued process integration and mentoring

Coaching sessions with each sub-team and with senior leadership. The coaching sessions aim to help each team solve for issues they encounter in the day-to-day, address any red flags, provide guidance and mentorship towards self-sufficiency, and answer any questions the team may have.

Retrospectives with senior leadership to help them assess the team’s progress and address any broader trends across the team.

Our goal: Make you self-sufficient in Agile

Throughout the entire process, the Agile Coach will tackle all training and mentoring with the goal of helping your team gain self-sufficiency in maintaining and improving their new Agile process. You may encounter an outside context problem, need to scale your Agile processes to a larger portion of the company, or any number of other things that may require further support. Foxbox Digital can provide continued support as long as you need us.

Foxbox Team
Foxbox Team

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