Move Purposely.

The six things we believe in.

Relentlessly pursue the truth.

We ask a lot of questions to uncover the real problem and verify the impact of the problem when we solve it.

Take calculated risks.

No over promises and under-delivering. Measure twice, cut once.

Be persistent.

Our work is not done until it’s done and made an impact.

Adapt to our clients’ environment.

We find our way around, and adapt to every environment we’re thrown into. We keep our cool and find practical solutions to big problems.

Be a puzzle solver, not a code factory.

Yes, we are engineers at heart, but we are more interested in solving the puzzle and not just writing code.

Deep focus, always.

We maintain deep focus in order to get into flow and solve deep problems.

About our core beliefs

We believe that in order to make an impact, we must do it purposely.

We’ve seen too many failed projects that never made the originally promised impact because they were trying to solve a hypothetical problem, instead of a real one. Instead of blindly following project requirements, we like to build with a purpose. Solve real problems for people.

This is why we only invest in talent who are determined to succeed, and partner with clients who are purposeful in their mission. We exist to make an immediate and long-term impact on our clients & those in need.

Everything has been so smooth. The process I've experienced with Foxbox is the golden example of how we want to build software. Our process was so tightly knitted.

The Foxbox Way

Since our founding, we’ve been intentional about defining our culture. We call it the "Foxbox Way’. The "Foxbox Way" are 17 statements that serve as a framework for our culture and values at Foxbox Digital. Every single piece of code we write, every interaction we have with our clients, and how we communicate with each other are all part of the "Foxbox Way."

This is not just a guide for new hires but serves anyone who works at Foxbox, including our leadership team and founder. How we hire, the clients we serve, and even how we act outside of the office are all part of the Foxbox Way.

It’s what we stand for. It is unique to us, and that’s why it’s the "Foxbox Way."

  1. Move Purposely
  2. We have something to prove
  3. Take calculated risks
  4. Speak clearly, not technically
  5. Love the problem, not the solution
  6. The client isn’t always right — challenge them gracefully
  7. Leadership isn’t always right, either
  8. Treat every client like you’ll be eating Thanksgiving dinner with them 5 years from now
  9. Client Satisfaction > Our Profits — make decisions accordingly
  10. See an opportunity for us to improve? Take it and own it
  11. Give, and you shall receive
  12. Quality > Speed
  13. The thing about the office
  14. There are some meetings you absolutely can’t miss
  15. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  16. How you work and communicate with the team is up to you
  17. Kindness matters. No jerks, please

If you’re curious and you would like to see a breakdown of each statement, you can read and also download the "Foxbox Way" here.